No More Naps

Only a handful of days, three exact, before I leave. It scares me how close it all is. I have all my stuff neatly laid out on my floor (okay, maybe not so neat) and have begun to say my goodbyes. Most of my friends left weeks ago for college, but there are still a handful of people loitering about Boerne.

It’s weird to think of the next time I will see these people. It will be seven months from now, after I have traveled the world and experienced the adventure of a lifetime.

Oh man, just thinking about it gives me a stomach ache. It seemed like such a good idea a year ago, to travel the world. Now as it looms in the future all I can about is “Why?” Why did I do this to myself? What if everyone in my group is lame and doesn’t watch T.V? What if I get a weird parasite that makes me allergic to ice cream? What if my body can’t handle going for a full day without taking a nap? (That is actually a very big concern, I have been taking an average of two naps a day all summer. What if my body can’t handle going without them?)

But eventually all these fears pass and just leave me with some nervous feelings that usually go away after eating a pint of ice cream and binge watching netflix. I know that these upcoming months will be full of challenges and once in a lifetime experiences and from watching Naked and Afraid XL I know that working in a team can be very difficult.

But in despite of all that, I’m beyond excited. I’m excited to leave my hometown and see the sights of the world. I’m so relieved that I’m not in college right now and I can’t wait to actually have something to do. (Hopefully my group won’t ask what I’ve done this summer because the answer is “Eat ice cream and watch every show on netflix.)

I know that my gap year will be crazy and that there won’t be a lot of opportunities for naps, but somehow that makes it all the better. I don’t want an easy seven months, I want an adventure.

Besides, there will be plenty of chances for napping next summer.


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