Asia Pt. 1

Quick update: so we hiked to Machu Picchu. Was a beautiful end to South America. And now we are in Asia, Thailand to be more specific. It only took 52 hours of traveling to get here, no big deal.

Thailand has been full of good food and cats. I have experienced a cat cafe and it is a truly magical place and I wish I could spend the rest of my life in one, eating brownies and playing with cute kittens. Perhaps one day…

We have been living on a farming compound for the past few days and it has been an experience. I got to kill some catfish yesterday and then stuck my fingers into their little dead bodies to clean out their guts. I am only slightly traumatized by the experience, but it was fun nonetheless. I mean it was definitely better than being in a college classroom. Haha, sorry to everyone who is doing that.

Other activities we have done is prepare some animal feed, soaked in hot springs, watched a movie about men’s issues and I went and saw the new James Bond movie. It was honestly terrible, I do not recommend. But I do recommend going to a movie in Thailand since it will only cost you about $2 and there will be some nice entertainment of a drunk man in the front row getting very excited about all of the explosions.

There’s not much else to say. I am finally over my jetlag which felt like it would never leave. A 13 hour time difference is kind of a bitch. Oh and my feet are finally healed fully. I have ankles again (see facebook for pictures of my extreme cankles). Word of advice, wear tons of bug spray when hiking to Machu Picchu so your feet don’t get infected and swell to five times their size.

Thanks for reading my blog, if anyone is reading this.


2 thoughts on “Asia Pt. 1

  1. hey Kate!!! this is Sabby Tabby!!! just wanted to say swag on you and your trip seems super #lit also glad your cankles are better 😂


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