Many, many eats

I survived my first Thanksgiving away from home. It actually was pretty swag. We had a nice spot on the side of a river with a pretty view of some highly sketchy fireworks going off and plates upon plates of mashed potatos, turkey and pumpkin pie. Better than home.

Anyways, for the past week we have been living with host families in a small village near Chiang Mai. It’s a pretty dope set up, my roommate and I have set up a neat fort where we watch cartoons most afternoons…I mean where we have meaningful discussions.

In the mornings we head out with our host families to the rice fields and help them either cut rice, or bundle up rice, or whack the rice against the ground to get the grains out. There are many snacks involved so it is also a pretty dope set up.

It’s interesting living in a setting where you literally understand none of the language. One morning we got woken up at 6:00 a.m. and were ushered out to the wat for a Buddhist service. I was highly confused during the two hour long service, but it was an experience.

I’m not going to say that everyday is a new adventure because that is lame, but it is interesting seeing what is going to happen. We got to experience a mini lantern festival with our village and released lanterns into the air and down the river. We also get to experience the wonderful delight of having fresh fruits and veggies every meal. God bless.

I’m sure there is lot more to type out, but honestly who has the time. I once again would like to apologize for my horrible blog writing skills. I have not been in school for a very long time and am slowly losing my ability to write basically anything.

But to sum up Thailand so far, it is much better than Ecuador and the food is hella delicious. Like today I got to eat a freaking quesidlla. It was amazing.

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